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The way to development

As a society, everyone would usually look to the government for its direction, leadership and motion towards making the environment better. While this is true, this is only the half-truth of any developed society. A developed society is a developed community where the factors of development do not reside in these arms of infrastructure, facilities and amenities but in the people that make up that community. A developed environment is a developing environment, where what was available yesterday is constantly upgraded to the needs of today by the people who inhabit that community. There is no need to validate that statement because if we only look at the trends we would see the definitions take its natural course. Being developed is a term that was coined to mean being up-to-date with modern science, biology, technology and methodologies of doing things faster, better cheaper and more efficiently. This is the reason why we have factories, industries, newer technologies and innovative ideas that create a more interesting future for the coming generations.
                Education is the tool to which any environment will develop but what is education? Education is simply the process through which skill, technique, knowledge, innovative applications and abilities are acquired by a person, group, community or society. An educated society is a developed society! Without implementation, knowledge is invalid because it serves no purpose in the construction, development or advancement of the environment. The world has designed a system to categorize people into classes or more directly worlds. This classification is based on a range of identifications, qualifications and possessions. The countries categorized in the developed status are countries that have their ‘ducks in a row’ which simply means that they are constantly evolving beyond what once was their best. For any society that wants to level-up, the first point of contact is to identify strongly, what is the community. Who are its members and what do you want to do next? To do this effectively, a population count needs to be done to first identify the people of that area, the age range, skills available and the natural resources trade-able with external communities. The next step is to refine the products to high standards of quality, not necessarily international standards because those standards are based upon group selections. The quality set by this group must be one that allows their product or service look inviting for anyone who they are advertising to or beckoning for a trial. Presentation is the first contact of refinement or development. People of this developing world must put a strong emphasis on thought. I used to have a friend who was quite passionate about military defense, strategy and amenities. He used to dream up and construct models of tanks, armory and facilities to be used by soldiers during times of war and preparation during times of peace. Although He is yet to achieve those dreams, they are possible but only if He is willing to commit to that dream. Dreams change, time changes and only those who are crazy enough to stand firm during a strong wind of change will set the course for a new generation. This is the same with development. Even though development is a constant flowing river, it is one that is created by the most resilient of creatures and every environment must identify these members of her community, ensure that they have the tools they need so that when everyone is enjoying the latest technology, they are creating the new ones for the future.
                Development is a state of mind, not a destination because once you arrive, the current development has already become old technology. Every society must know that no developed country, great or small, has achieved its status by acquiring new technology but instead by creating newer ways of doing things. Every day is a day to create something new for which something new was already just created. This is the only path of a truly developed environment and what is being celebrated in the public has already been over-looked in the labs of creation.   


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