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Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder what life all means. Some days are fantastic while others are just plain and simply tough to deal with. To be alive is a gift given by God who made all living creatures to experience the existence called life. In life there are very many challenges, most of all, the challenges of being human. Every single person that walks the earth has some idea or theory on how they feel life should be lived. The rich dominate the poor, the strong dominate the weak. This is a fact of life that has proven that there cannot in fact be anything remotely close to equality in life between humans. However, there exists a theory in spiritual belief that all men are made equal. However true this is, it still possesses a fundamental flaw in its theory; those at the helm of leadership in these spiritual or religious structures are then treated like small gods which followers worship at the very cost of their lives. What is true about the human being remains true simply in fact, not a much in faith. This is not to say that faith is indeed not fact but rather to look at the basis of human existence in its wholeness. When looked at closely or afar, we see things like we are what we eat, when killed we die, when angry we react, when at a loss we mourn. The human being is an interesting work of study to any field of intelligence. No one man has been able to accurately define a single person, not even himself, talk less of a multitude. I agree that psychological studies have been done and proofs have been practiced but even that too is a never ending curve of mysteries that surround the human race; even life at large. Who we are, what we are, why we are! Theories can be written and even many more theories proven but fact is fact and the fact of the human race is that we do not… cannot know what man is, neither can we know what he is truly capable of beyond our own comprehension.

Sometimes I wonder what it would mean for us all if there was peace all over the world and no one was hungry. I wonder if there was no negativity and lies, cheating, murderous intent and a world full of complexities. If you and I were parts of a puzzle and no one was trying so hard to change what they already were. Is this the place all humans go to in death? A place where eternal judgment is served?! Why do we get jealous at one another, why do our different opinions about irrelevant and relevant subjects matter, why do we hurt one another to get ahead and why do we have standards in which to rate all man; servant or king! I wonder quite a lot and sometimes I wonder why bother. What will be, will be. I have come to believe and learn that there is a God who made us all and has all the answers. Why do I believe in this God? My answer is simple; it makes the most sense and gives the most satisfying purpose to living in this world. This is a choice I make, just as everyone is free to choose or not choose either this or that. Have you ever wondered why beggars lie, even when they have been given more than enough they constantly come out to beg?! Have you ever wondered why married men cheat and married wives nag? Have you ever wondered why we have dogs in our homes and trends come and go? This is life! For the next number of hours, days, weeks, months and years, you have a lot more to learn and so much more to interact with.

Sometimes I wonder what the use of a career is, when a man can simply swap one for another and start a new life’s journey in a totally new field without any experience and why a dedicated man can hunt for one job, any job for over 5 years without any success. I wonder why there are businesses with cut throat desires to make profits when the process of a human being is not beyond food, drinks and living experiences. I wonder if money did not matter, what would and what would 2,000 years from now be like? I wonder as to how many people there are on planet earth and how I may never know or even meet with up to 0.1% of the world’s population and yet people live their lives in hope of pleasing the general population. In life there are so many questions and because of the large variety of humans who walk the earth as illuminated, so many answers. I wonder what the truth is beyond the knowledge of my truth and I wonder how many people will ever find it. If we all had guns, would the world be safer or more prone to violence and even more violent attacks?! If there were racial balance, would the black or darker races seek retribution for past injustices done to them? We all like to think we are the better people but at the end of the day it is more basic in nature than that, we are human, made human and feel human.

There have been very many theories about the multiple nature of man (the human being) and this even has been consistent with a variety of world cultures which has varied from one culture to the next. I know what my truth is, but what is the truth? Man is born by a woman, who has conjoined with a male companion in sexual intercourse. The spiritual nature of man has always been a blur to most people and to others a second hand experience. A handful of people who walk the earth have had spiritual experiences and yet again in various fields of spiritual interactions; who is right and who is wrong? The bigger question is at the end of life what will matter the most? Your faith or your life or both! Regardless of what this article may or may not mean to you, my point is simply this: sometimes I wonder about a lot of things and so do you. We were made to wonder, to imagine, to seek and to find but I am not so certain that all men find out the truth in life except in death. It is true that many people have claimed to visit a world beyond this existence and have returned from that world in near death experiences and it is also true that even those people might not understand what they may or may not have witnessed; life is a blur.

What you can do is live and maybe in your life the truth will find you. I have wondered many things and pondered even many more but simply put, the best things have just happened to me and in this I have learned that the truth will set you free and give you a perspective to life that might lead many to ask why?! Dear reader, if you have a question in your life, I guarantee I do not have an answer, what I do have is your shared desire to understand. A man or woman born in this world can have two ways to live in this world; either to live without a care in the world or to live carefully. Most people believe that there is a way to play it safe and live neither freely nor carefully, the truth is that circumstance will sooner or later push them to identify with this side or the other. If a man walks down a road and sees a stranger saying he got hurt by a robber and walks on by as quickly as he can to his own business, has he done any wrong? Before you are quick to answer think about this, what if the stranger was setting a trap for that man, laying wait for him in order to rob him?! Life is like a box filled with candy sticks among thorn sticks, some days are good and other days are tough, this much I have learned: be grateful for each day, live with the consciousness that you did not give yourself life, acknowledge God and He will reward you and most of all, be true.

Sometimes I wonder what the most important truth a human being should know is, as much as there are many answers from many corners, if your answer was the truth of all truths, you would live it and it would set you free. What I have seen sometimes is that ‘truth tellers’ neither live nor practice their said truths and this yet again makes me wonder, why share or teach what you do not believe. This just brings another round of endless content into the world which would end up confusing someone trying to isolate the ultimate truth using their own simple ‘seek and find’ routine. Life is life and what is true is the same. Even though everyone has an agenda, one thing is certain, we all want the same thing; a good life. And sometimes I wonder what that truly means.  


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