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To Live is not to be Alive

Life is so much more than food and drink. An animal has only one motive throughout its existence; to survive. As human beings, the living experience begins to mean more to us as we evolve and interact with our world. How we view the conscious spectrum begins to affect how we do the things that we do. This is what living should be about. A person should be able to express or at least interact with the thoughts and ideas which they have from time to time but unfortunately these thoughts are held back by a much mundane instinct: the will to survive, to eat, to surpass the next human. While being the dominant creature is not wrong in itself, there is something greater that is lost: evolution. To evolve is simply part of the living process: it is not something grand or superfluous in its operational model instead it is the very engine that makes the human entity or empire thrive. To be alive is a gift and yet to some it is a burden, a sadistic twist of oxygen, oxytocin and an oxymoronous meaning to a redundant repetitive tale. Why?

The question as to why certain people have better living experiences than others comes from a single perspective or view point: belief. A text from the Bible says that as a man thinketh so is he. This is the fundamental reason for development, growth, abilities and choices of expression. If a person decides that their lives are controlled by the things that they perceive as either right or wrong then that would be all that they ever get to experience based on that perception.  A basic example is the concept of development as to why certain colonies of human organizations are more developed than others. At first glance it seems that the answer is directly obvious, some people have electric trains, others do not, some people have electricity, others do not, some people have road networks and human supplication facilities and again others do not. These factors for determining a developed society has become the standard to which development can be valued but by the standard of human consciousness or operation, this is not valid in any sphere of rigidity.

The term development simply means that you have grown or immersed yourself in a constant culture of becoming better through education, implementation and a strong desire to improve the living experiences and facilities of your human colonies or environment. By this basic value, a developed environment will not be one that has, possesses or operates the best human technologies but rather the best human implementations according to the needs, resources and requirements of its people. If development is simply what you own, then development can be bought. If you came into a certain area and they have all the facilities you will need to have a good time, electricity, connectivity, technological facilities but lack the human capital to manage, recreate and implement such developmental facilities, you only exist in a static world of temporary maturity. That society or group will crumble the moment it does not have access to the latest designs in human needs.
Many humans all around the world have found what being alive means but many more will never find the true meaning of life and it is simply this: everything you are and everything you will become is for the betterment of your environment, its people, culture, amenities and content. It is this feature that makes culture richer not holding on to a dead ideology which cannot be proven to be true, valid or agree with what is the norm. Any society that refuses to evolve will die and this death is not literal to the loss of life but directly related to the loss of living. Her people will stop to grow, her people will stop to know and most of all, her people will be identified as people who cannot let their imaginations show. This is true development, to imagine and to create, to create and to recreate, to recreate and experience, to experience and live, to live and love, to love and share, to share and multiply, to multiply and teach, to teach and evolve, to evolve and command, to command and dominate. Before all of this there is only survival and if that is what you have then your humanity is already lost before your life began. To experience everything that being human brings, you need to be everything that being human means. Being human means to have the balance of your body, soul and spirit, even in the direction of a wrong combination, the combination of these three elements of our humanity will bring about an evolutional experience far beyond our imaginations.  


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