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Who are You?

When you wake up each day, what do you do? Do you have some fancy routine to get you in the mood of work or do you look forward to another day of being human. What you do comes from who you are and who you are should not come from what you do. Many people have lives they never get to live, goals they never get to accomplish and dreams they never get to achieve. The direct thought of questioning should be why? While there are many stipulated projections as to why an individual always seems far away from his or her intent toward living, my direct observation is simply they do not believe enough in anything they put their minds to. What they believe in instead is hope. Hope that one day they will achieve this or that. Hope is not bad, in fact, to hope keeps your desire for a better day alive but to hope in an idea is to not have one. If I woke up hungry and would like to eat some eggs with bread cheese, jam and a cup of tea and having none in the house I hope, then if no one brought me what I desire, I would not have it. Also, if someone did bring me something to eat but not what I expected or wanted, then I have just been given what was available.
Everyone has a dream to achieve, a desire to bring to life. Even though not everyone will be successful, everyone should try. Each individual, young or old, intelligent or slow, outspoken or internal, has a special ability and way of doing things that works for the benefit of all people; directly and indirectly. Every created being has that function to contribute just as every element in a plate of food brings some form of nutrient to the body. The question is can everyone thrive!
To thrive in this context is not to be the greatest, best and most educated at something but is simply to be alive in the way that you were created to be. The most common example is a fish out of water. Regardless of the type of fish and the position they hold in the water-fessed ecology, all fishes thrive in water because all fishes can and were made to swim. As an individual, you were created to thrive as what you are. Everyone was born to be something to everyone: Einstein was science to us all, Mozart, composer, Edison, inventor, Maradona, footballer, as well as other life content providers who have filled our lives with virtue, electricians, teachers, cleaners, drivers, helpers, guards, investors, entrepreneurs, media, health workers and the list is endless. In one or more of these fields, every human being will find peace and contentment in their daily practice.
So, where does the practice of unreliability, inefficiency and unsatisfactory work experience come from?! It comes from wrong pegs in wrong holes either for us as individuals or the others around who work with us. Happy people make for a happy atmosphere and the reverse is true also. If everyone, instead of seeking better paying jobs, better quality of perceived environment or even better people to work with, just did daily, what they could to make their environment better while ensuring they are in the place of their natural placements, everything might not be perfect, not at first, but day by day, they will work towards a perfect internal day.
The influence of external forces cannot be overlooked as there will be challenges from changes in administration, leadership, governments, corporate direction, international relations, tensions, unrest and the common human inter-relational challenges but herein lies a plus, everyone will know where they belong, who they are and what they were meant to be and do. You can also be this way, in everyday you do not just work or serve, you know why, you know to whom and you know the function of your purpose. Every human being was made to thrive, to thrive as a part of the societal community in whole and in parts. Take today to think about everything you know, there-in lies who you truly are. I encourage you to start today to know who you are, find yourself in God who created you and begin to work as part of the engine of your community so we all can benefit from the thriving gift called YOU.


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