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The Honest Truth

After many years of working with very many types of people, I have discovered a common challenge. Most people usually have their solutions just around them but are unable to tap into it. The surprising thing and twist is that once they begin to see and experience it, they suddenly want to control it, when they do, they go back to how things were in the beginning: comfortable. This can be said for the case of Africa as a whole and her people in parts. Our solution does not lie in support from external parties, it lies within. It always has and always will. Although we cannot eradicate the support and influence from an external source, we need to properly propagate such waters and be aware of our own circumstances. Th question would arise many times, how can I achieve my dream, hoe can I do this and how can I do that. My answer to such clients is quite simple: 'Do it'. Many times they do not believe me and go ahead to do nothing. But when they pay me to help them, then they, to a little extent commit to the process and just like magic, it all starts to work out, a little at a time. I've seen this too many times for it to be coincidence: You cannot be or give, much less do what you do not have. Once these clients begin to see success and thrive, they suddenly feel like they can do it on their own and have no need for me.

At first glance, I wonder if this is not the case for the modern African citizen. Africa was in a rot as at the time of the colonial era. Either through earlier plundering or not, her people were in a bad shape. They did not have modern technologies, weapons or facilities and they began to learn about what they did not know, have or invent. But suddenly, they wanted control of their own land using this new found technique of societal development through democracy and modern civilization. In this new way, they hoped to, in a single day learn and master what had taken centuries to invent, create and implement. The Africans were foolish. The question is have they learnt anything since then. Africa is used as a reference for poverty and under development simply because her people at a majority are such. But yet we deny this. How many Africans living in Africa have access to good food, roads, electricity, technologies, knowledge, facilities and the likes compared to how many do not? We like to argue about the few who are doing great things and while this is a major milestone, are they the ones responsible for the identity that is Africa? This article is not about an argument but about a fact; Africa is still lost and until it is found in the hearts of each and every African what that name means, it means nothing. It means only what we are told or made to believe it means. It means Africa is poor, Africa is under developed and Africa is uneducated.

Is this a bad thing? To be in the wrong side of this write, one would think yes. But I think on the contrary, this is a good thing. A good thing because, luckily the world has learnt a lot and all Africa has to do is learn how to do things and do them well. Not well enough to survive but well enough to thrive. Well enough to defend her citizens and shores from the marauders who mask themselves as concerned citizens of the global community. If we were truly in a global community, would you really lock me out of the shores of your land and arrest me if I somehow make my way uninvited. The point of this write is much simpler in its intent: Africa needs help and the world has offered it in the world of vast knowledge all around. Africans have to learn, learn to live, learn to love, learn to evolve. We are archaic, in our schools, thoughts, homes and hopes. Automatic gadgets have been phased out to make way for new technology but yet, such old technology is yet to make its way to African creativity.

Africans do not lack the ability for intellectual manifestations, they are just too proud to learn what they do not know. And to live a lie is to fool only yourself. Ultimately the uneducated African and the foolhardy African are just one and the same; under developed.

Africans have a future but it does not exist in lies, deceit and make believes. Yes we must, Yes we can, and Yes, we are


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